ONLINE DRAGON EXPO is back! Last year, Dragon tinkered with the Dragon Expo format by taking the show into Cyber Space, and it was met with tremendous response. The same goodies that you love about Dragon Expo without having to leave your home...and who can forget about the exclusive items straight to your doorstep!

So this year, we're bringing you the same format, with events going on in the MDFC forums throughout the next several weeks. Stay tuned for a schedule of online events!

Of course, what everyone really wants to know are the exclusives, and how you can order them. Well, if you had previously participated in a Dragon Expo, or are an MDFC member, you are eligible! We're working out some things on the back end, and we hope to start getting the invites out soon.

Stay tuned to the official DX'11 thread on the MDFC for updates and information: